Sam Noshadha is a professional expert in the CAS, LCIA, ICSID, ICC, SCC, AAA, UNCITRAL, VIAC, SIAC, WTO, CIETAC, BANI, UICA rules, and Swiss Rules of International Arbitration. He is an arbitrator with professional practices in agriculture, investment, energy and resources, sport, oil and gas, pharmaceutical, and metallurgy industries.
He handled international arbitration covering all major spheres of international business, including relating to contractor agreements; international investment; international sport; international sales of goods, services, and technology; maintenance and construction of ships; agency and distribution contracts; joint venture agreements; oil & gas supply contracts; as well as, represented clients in commercial, investment, sport, and maritime international disputes.

Concerning to arbitration cases, Sam may advice:

✓ Pre-arbitration advice;
✓ Selection of arbitration court;
✓ Selection of applicable law;
✓ Structuring arbitration clauses in the most sophisticated cross-border transactions (goods, services and technologies);
✓ Drafting, negotiating and replacing arbitration clauses, and separate submission agreements;
✓ Negotiating, drafting, supervision, and executing settlement agreements;
✓ Drafting expert opinions on international laws in the arbitration;
✓ Pre-trial dispute resolution;
✓ Representing client's interests in international arbitration courts, as well as, alternative dispute resolution methods, inter alia, mediation, and conciliation concerning investment, commercial, and sports cases;
✓ Challenging and setting aside arbitration awards;
✓ Recognition and enforcement of the foreign arbitral awards at respondent party State.

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