Investment (LSFP)

One of the Noshadha International Law Firm’s areas of practices is providing legal support for investment projects. Also, we have great possibilities to tie programs and projects with investors via providing legal services.

We have professional connection with specialized financial institutions which operate throughout Western Europe, Canada, the United States, Australia, China, Japan, and Latin American countries, which can supply credit / mortgages for the purchase of consumer goods and services as well as business development by purchasing the time-sales contracts of merchants or by granting small loans directly to consumers.

Any private person, entity or government may apply our legal services for investment projects, as well as programs. Amount of invest should be beyond 200,000 USD/ Euros and there is no limit. The interest rates of financial institutions that provide our clients finance depends on term, grantee, client, project or program and etc.

To apply for the LSFP, you must follow the below procedure:

  • Please click here to send us your primary online application form;
  • We agree and sign a legal service contract with you (the Client);
  • After receiving our primary confirmation regarding your case, a project resume with all details is needed (you may prepare the project resume or apply us to set up it);
  • Financial institution informs us accredited institution(s) for assessment of the Client grantee and you apply for assessment;
  • Financial institution issues the final decision including all details and by positive decision the Client receives credit. Please be mentioned that unless a credit contract is not signed, the financial institution reserves the right to reject the Client at any level without any explanation!
The Noshadha International Law Firm just provides legal services to the Client.

Please, for more information or to ask any questions, do not hesitate to write to us via email .