Sport Arbitration

Noshadha Law Firm international sport arbitration team has a strong practice in international sports law with a number of dedicated sports specialists. It regularly advises a wide range of clients across all the main areas of sports. Its clients include prominent sports-governing bodies, as well as elite-level athletes, clubs, teams and individual sport representatives.

Specifically, our areas of expertise include:

  • Litigation and dispute resolution, including contract, financial, disciplinary and doping disputes, other disputes involving challenges of decisions of sports governing bodies, in particular before sports arbitration courts, as well as the CAS;
  • Governance and regulatory issues as well as the drafting of rules and regulations for sports bodies at all levels;
  • Pre-and post- dispute matters, including attachment of assets and enforcement of decisions.
We strongly recommend you, before engagement of contract and dispute arising, contact us for consultation as, our practices show this strategy is fewer expenses, smarter and secure for client.