Announcement for the International Forum “Ukraine Anti-Corruption Activities”

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen!

Today in Ukraine the campaign against preventing and combating corruption is intensified. Over the past two years a series of regulations were adopted such as:

  • The Law of Ukraine "on prevention of corruption" approved on October 14, 2014;
  • The Law of Ukraine "on principles of state anti-corruption policy in Ukraine (Anti-corruption Strategy) for 2014-2017 years";
  • The Law of Ukraine "About the National Anti-Corruption Bureau of Ukraine approved on October 14, 2014;
  • The Law of Ukraine “on cleaning power" approved on September 16, 2014;

and large number of resolutions of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, decrees of the President of Ukraine and so on.
Generally, this endeavourer may comes true by cooperation and assistance of all citizens of Ukraine, lawyers and illuminati.
On behalf of the Interregional Academy of Personnel Management (IAPM), Institute of law named after “Vladimir the Great”, we would like to kindly invite you to take part and/or become a speaker of the International Forum “Ukraine Anti-Corruption Activities” that will be held on December 09, 2016 in 2 Frometivska St. , IAPM, Institute of Law named after “Vladimir the Great”, hall 303.
We propose you to join this Forum, express your visions concerning to the state bodies duties in the fulfilment of mentioned regulations and make suggestions for improving their performance.

MAIN TOPICS of the Forum:

  1. Administrative and legal principles of prevention and combating corruption;
  2. Criminal legal issues in preventing and combating corruption;
  3. Problems of civil law and corruption offenses in Ukraine;
  4. The current state and prospects of development finance in Ukraine, taking into account new legislation on prevention and combating corruption;
  5. International legal problems and the integration of Ukraine into the European community and the prevention and combating corruption;
  6. Development of economy law in terms of European integration and combating corruption;
  7. Corruption offenses and their impact on the European integration processes of Ukraine.

If you are planning to participate as a speaker, please send us your topic concerning to the theme of the Forum till December 5, 2016 by email.

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Abstracts will be published in author's edition without additional editing.
Forum languages are Ukrainian, English and Russian.

Please click here or send us email to confirm your registration.

Thank you and, we are looking for to see you in the Forum.

Sincerely Yours,

Organizing Committee of the International Forum "Ukraine Anti-Corruption Activities":

Professor Zartosilo Vladimir
+38(097) 100 44 02

Dr. Noshadha Sam
+38(067) 67 94 777