About Us

The Noshadha Law Firm was founded as a multinational law firm in Kyiv in 2002 and has grown into one of the leading legal service companies. Among the companies, core values are its commitment to excellence, teamwork, innovation, and diversity, all in the service of and dedication to our clients around the world.
Our clients include many of the world’s most respected and well-established companies, visionary start-ups, governmental organizations and state-owned entities.
In emerging and established markets, our specialists use their knowledge, professional ability and cultural experience to advise our clients on their cross-border servicing.

We aim to provide prompt, friendly and personal service to all our clients. We are committed to keeping our charging at a reasonable level whilst providing and making ourselves accessible to our clients is one thing. Having a menu of services and practitioners that can work closely together, at the drop of a hat, is another. Which is why having a community of like-minded lawyers not only keeps our people happy, it keeps our clients happy when everything clicks seamlessly into action.
We offer all the services you would expect of a modern law firm including video conferencing facilities. We act for private clients with very substantial assets with specific business needs, and even though many other clients have no interest in business whatsoever, our clients are not placed in categories.
Our practices, systems and people are integrated across offices and jurisdictions, allowing us to leverage our global knowledge and resources to ensure our clients receive the same quality service, wherever they may be.
The key to quality, in our experience, hides in the care taken to get to know and build effective relationships with our clients based on confidentiality and mutual respect. That, we believe, is what truly sets the Noshadha Law Firm apart from the pack.
Skilled human resources and up-to-date global method of servicing, in legal services is guaranteed. This is in accordance with the company’s primary objective to offer superior legal services to clients.
Teamwork is central to the way we work with all our clients and the way we manage our servicing. We take care to match the expertise and personalities of our team members to your requirements. Our size, combined with the structure of the firm, means that we can guarantee a high degree of partner involvement, thereby providing you with a fast and efficient legal service that is also cost effective.

Our mission at the Noshadha Law Firm is simple: to provide our clients with the best legal advice and the highest quality of service possible.

When we work with our clients to solve their legal issues and attain their goals, our law firm is driven by follow underlying core values:

  • Observance of the confidentiality policy and consideration of conflict of interest;
  • Permanent high-quality support of clients’ trust level;
  • Available information notification and high involvement in clients’ project;
  • Striving for deep understanding of business peculiarities of each client;
  • Immediate focus on the specific issues and, tailoring advice exclusively to clients;
  • Cost-effective solutions and flexible payment conditions for clients.