Сonspect of the International Forum “Ukraine Anti-Corruption Activities”

Purpose of the Forum:

  • Administrative and legal principles of prevention and combating corruption;
  • Criminal legal issues in preventing and combating corruption;
  • Problems of civil law and corruption offenses in Ukraine;
  • The current state and prospects of development finance in Ukraine, taking into account new legislation on prevention and combating corruption;
  • International legal problems and the integration of Ukraine into the European community and the prevention and combating corruption;
  • Development of economy law in terms of European integration and combating corruption;
  • Corruption offenses and their impact on the European integration processes of Ukraine.

Target audience:

  • Representatives of the government bodies organizations and agencies;
  • Representatives of foreign Embassies;
  • Representatives of NGOs that act on the state anti corruption reform, solutions and modelling;
  • Universities academicians, researchers and students that act on the state anti corruption reform, solutions and modelling ;
  • Representatives of international and Ukrainian Medias.

Forum languages: Ukrainian, English, Russian.

Forum Features:

  • The first international academic forum on anti-corruption activities issues in Ukraine with the focus on Ukraine anti-corruption solutions, reforms and modelling;
  • Abstracts publishing in the author's edition to provide state bodies as an anti-corruption activity advisory publication;
  • Online broadcast of the forum panel discussions with simultaneous translation;
  • Press conference with key-note speakers of the forum.


If you are planning to take part as a speaker, please send us your topic till December 05, 2016 by email to: zarosi@ukr.net or sam@noshadha.com .

Abstracts publication:

Abstracts will be published in author's edition without additional editing on January 20, 2017.
The publication accepted abstracts volume from 3 to 6 pages typed in WORD as a computer file with the extension * doc.
Font Times New Roman, 14 size. Line spacing 1,5. Margins on all sides by 20 mm., Numbering of pages is required.

Authors surname in capital letters, name and patronymic must be bold font, alignment "to the left", in the next line - academic degree, title and present position, the interval report title in capital letters, bold font, alignment. A summary of the main text spacing, alignment "in width."

IVANOV Ivan Ivanovich
Prof. of Institute of law named after “Vladimir the Great”

Several areas of economic activity subject to special state supervision, one manifestation of which is the licensing, certification and standardization of various activities, goods and services.

The Committee reserves the right to refuse to publish unedited materials that they do not meet specified requirements.

Terms and Conditions of Participation:

Participation for represent of the state bodies’ organizations and agencies, universities academician, medias, embassies and diplomatic missions is free of charge.
Participation for students and freelances – registration fee is 100 UAH

Please click here or send us email to confirm your registration.

Organizing Committee of the International Forum "Ukraine Anti-Corruption Activities":

Professor Zartosilo Vladimir
+38(097) 100 44 02

Dr. Noshadha Sam
+38(067) 67 94 777